Rati Saxena’s books

An Anthology of poetry – Published at the time of kritya2007 poetry festival 1- Editor:-Rati Saxena Co-editor:-Joneve McCormick, and Christina Pacosz Introduction:- Argo Spier First edition 2007- Publication- KRITYA-K.P.9/624, Vaijaynat, Chettikunnu, Medical College P.O. TRIVANDRUM-KERALA-695011,  INDIA Paper Back-Pages- 165 PRICE- 200/- Indian rupees – transport charges are extra( In INDIA) 2- Love Poems in the Atharvaveda Rati Saxena First edition

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freedom for expressions

Literature has only one religion : freedom for expressions Interview with Rati Saxena By: Farideh Hassanzadeh-Mostafavi, Iranian poet and translator Dr Rati Saxena – is an eminent Hindi poet, translator and Sanskrit scholar. She has authored three collections of poems in Hindi (Maya mahathagini, ajanmi kavita ki kokh se, sapane dekhata samudra) and one each in English and Malayalam (in

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I am Kritya. Kritya – the intense word power. Kritya – which always moves along with the ultimate truth. Kritya – which exists completely in accord with rightness. I reside in the hearts of people who raise their voice in protest against all lies, all wrong doings and all injustice. I appear before them in myriad forms, one of the

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